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Traders: there’s a new brokerage in town. Fresh, innovative, and exciting, tixee offers a multi-asset trading solution built to help clients discover and trade the latest market opportunities. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to providing industry-leading innovations and delivering maximum value for our global client base. Now, we’re thrilled to see our achievements recognised at this year’s Ultimate Fintech awards, winning the top spot in the ‘best newcomer category’.

Firstly, it’s important to extend our gratitude to the entire tixee team, whose hard work and expertise have helped us thrive in a competitive market environment. While encountering many unexpected challenges over the past few years, all our departments have demonstrated impressive versatility in meeting our sky-high ambitions. From the release of our social trading platform to the various asset classes we offer on CFDs, we’ve reached a succession of milestones and are excited to see what the next chapter brings.

So what does tixee stand for?

We believe that to grow fast, you need to grow well. At every stage of our development, we’ve placed the end-user front and centre. It’s not enough to meet expectations about what a financial broker should provide - you need to surpass them. From innovative product deliveries to quality customer service, we’ve made sure that every area of our business conforms to the following four business principles: Transparency, Simplicity, Innovation and Empowerment.

To help understand us here at tixee, it’s important to delve into each area of these precepts as they form the bedrock of our offering


We believe that to instill trust and confidence in users, it’s crucial to offer clear and open communication. As experienced financial professionals ourselves, we’ve seen countless examples of companies that aren’t 100% forthcoming with information. This can include details about pricing and fees, as well as the extent of the company’s products and services. Because of this, traders can miss out on crucial pieces of info for which they are unfairly penalised. This isn't right, nor is it acceptable in an era where more new traders are entering the market than ever before.

We believe new traders should be encouraged by brokers with their best interests at heart. This means ensuring a client’s expectations meet reality, that no unanticipated fees are charged, and that trading can take place in a safe, trustworthy environment. For example, we’re well aware of the risks of margin trading. For all its advantages, using leverage without adequate risk controls can be damaging for those with less trading experience. As such, we’ve made sure to highlight the implications of this trading style, while providing frequent warnings and safeguards to those who choose to use it.

In all other areas of our business, we’ve made sure to address the issue of inclusivity. One of the most common issues novice traders face relates to communication. Specifically, the use of complex terminology, where clearer language can be used instead. To help traders better understand what they’re signing up for, we keep our language choice deliberately simple. This applies to all our platforms as well as the registration process, with which we guide new users through their first steps towards trading financial markets. Because at tixee, first impressions last.

If you ever feel like something needs clarifying, or you’d just like to speak to a real human being about how our processes work, our customer service team are more than happy to assist. Available via email, phone, or live chat, our team have the skills, knowledge, and patience to help improve your understanding. We treat all clients equally, regardless of account size, to ensure that you’re always our highest priority.


Our commitment to simplicity is about more than just making a trader’s life easier. It’s about streamlining the entire trading experience to maximise efficiency when entering and exiting markets. We cut through all the irrelevant details to deliver a clear, simple-to-use service - allowing traders to spend more time trading and less time navigating cluttered menus and complex interfaces.

Simplicity is an ethos that binds our entire operation, whether it's a pricing structure free from hidden fees and complex terms and conditions, or a customer service team well trained in delivering instant solutions to any issue. Every new product we introduce into the tixee ecosystem contains simplicity at its heart, which means embracing the latest technology to help refine lengthy processes which can quickly become outdated.

We aim to provide platforms and services in keeping with the modern digital era. No longer should traders have to put up with clunky displays and unresponsive menus. We’ve hired a team of experts to ensure the trading process remains as intuitive as possible. Following the example of tech trailblazers before us, we’ve focused on combining powerful capabilities with a simplified user experience.

And, while trading can offer a steep learning curve for those new to the game, we try to educate our clients so that they can make better trading decisions. With a wealth of learning material available through our website, including topical articles and market analysis via Trading Central, we hope to create an environment where traders can grow and thrive without being exposed to needless complexity. Clarity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success.


Innovation means more than just not being left behind. It’s about staying ahead of the latest developments and offering clients more opportunities to maximise their earning potential.

From the very start, we’ve introduced a wide array of new features and improvements, each of which is designed to reflect the major transformations impacting financial markets. From introducing new instruments like cryptocurrencies to this year’s rollout of social trading, our development team have worked tirelessly to help turbocharge tixee’s growth. For our account holders, this means being the first to utilise groundbreaking trading features with all the accompanying excitement of being part of something truly new. And while the pace of our product rollouts can be quite disorientating at times, we’re always there to lend a helping hand to those struggling to get to grips with each new addition. This typically comes through product tutorials and guides, or simply through our friendly and welcoming customer support team.

But let’s talk about what makes tixee truly unique.

We’re big believers in conducting extensive market research before embarking on a new project. Before we start devising solutions, we identify the scale and complexity of a user need, opening clear channels of communication between our customers and the tixee development team. In this way, we provide products and services that our clients really want, rather than delivering what we think they want - which is often liable to be tempered by business imperatives and other factors.

In acting on this philosophy, we fulfill the desires and expectations of our global customer base, who are constantly pushing us on to bigger and better things. We receive no shortage of feedback on each of our products, which gives us the intelligence we need to hone each release to a best-in-class standard. By aligning ourselves with our clients’ requirements, we raise ourselves to the highest level we can. And while it can sometimes take a few attempts to get to the final product, it’s extra satisfying when we obtain our customers’ seal of approval

We know that trading is a competitive industry, with a vast array of companies competing for traders’ funds. For us, it’s never been good enough just to follow the crowd. Instead, we’re continually innovating, continually iterating, and always searching for the next breakthrough. Because of this, we’ll continue to remain leaders, not followers.


We think everyone deserves barrier-free access to financial markets, which is why we’re constantly seeking new ways to expand our clients’ trading opportunities. In an inflationary market where the value of cash savings are steadily deteriorating, it makes more sense than ever to put your money to work. While trading isn’t for everyone, those who commit to learning and mastering the art of financial speculation have the opportunity to improve their financial situation, and secure a healthier future for themselves, and for their families.

It is with this in mind that we’ve developed our brand to be as accessible as possible for all traders. With low barriers to entry in the form of streamlined registration processes, no hidden fees, and simplified terms and conditions, we’ve endeavoured to extend the benefits of trading to all types of users. You don’t need all the bells and whistles of an economics degree to access financial markets, nor do you need to be able to speak using professional trader terminology. Instead, you simply need the drive and determination to hone your craft, and to develop your own trading strategy in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

Not only are we seeing more and more traders enter the market, we’re also seeing an increased variety of traders. Whether young or older, women or male, trading is becoming an increasingly diversified industry. We pride ourselves on delivering products and services that help facilitate this welcome trend. Not only do we communicate clearly and in a jargon-free manner, we also deliver intuitive educational material to help encourage the growth and development of our trading community. Because when they grow, we grow with them.

By placing our client’s development front and centre, we’re aiming to improve the lives and finances of traders around the world. Our education section is full of helpful insights and articles to help encourage the continued progress of a trader’s skillset. We believe growth never stops, which means it’s necessary to constantly adapt and improve to modern market conditions. As financial experts, we’re aware of the market’s endless propensity to throw up unexpected results. This is why it’s necessary to update our educational methods as regularly as possible, which is what we deliver throughout our learning material.

Our promise to traders

In a crowded market, with so many companies competing for market share, it’s important to keep our eyes on the fundamental relationship between trader and broker. While it’s easy to get distracted by what other companies are providing, by grounding ourselves in the reality of what clients really require, we’re able to deliver outstanding customer value. But it’s also important not to rest on our laurels.

The market is always transforming, and it’s more necessary than ever to keep pace with its developments. Whether it's opening up new markets to traders, or exploring new ways to help maximise their earnings potential, we’re determined to continue our spirit of innovation into the next chapter of the tixee journey. By doing this, we want to provide clients with the best experience the industry has to offer.

We’re hugely proud to have received this year’s award for best new broker. It’s an immense achievement for our team, who have faced many obstacles in their path. The skill and versatility they’ve shown in getting us to this stage is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering on our potential. But rather than dwelling on our success, it’s straight back to the development board to find new ways to maximise our consumer offering.

So what’s around the corner?

The next 12 months promise to provide an exciting new chapter in tixee’s development. From new additions to welcome improvements, our product roadmap is as ambitious as you’d expect. By maintaining our current pace of innovation, we’re confident that our brokerage services will continue to offer industry-leading opportunities for traders all over the world.

As always, we’re receptive to user feedback as this allows us to continue delivering from a client-centric perspective, which is always the best angle of approach. Think our social trading feature could be upgraded? Think our trading accounts could be revamped? We’re open to all suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to receive your feedback and look forward to welcoming even more traders to our ever-expanding community.

To find out more about our products and services, visit our website.

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tixee is a licensed and regulated broker offering a bespoke range of trading instruments including CFDs on Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks and Commodities on the award-winning MT5 trading platform.
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