RXI – A tool for brokers that will forever change the way risk and KPIs are viewed and measured

FXCubic has developed a state-of-the-art all-in-one technology solution through their research and remarkably innovative attitude based on the data reflected in the market direction. With their challenge-accepting attitude, FXCubic is proud to have developed a next-generation sophisticated solution using a complex event processing engine and reactive technology called RXI.

RXI is an intelligence solution that will ultimately change the way brokers will measure and view their risk and KPIs. RXI has been designed to provide dealers and risk managers with a global view across their entire trading operation within a single GUI. The ground-breaking solution offers simultaneous real-time data with in-depth risk analysis and the ability to allow for instantaneous actions.

As FXCubic put it, the RXI risk intelligence solution is "intelligence made simple." With multiple benefits that come with having the RXI solution, we are here today to share the reasons why Forex brokers should proudly use RXI as an additional solution that will change their brokerage game in an instant.

Below are the highlighted features that RXI offers dealers and risk managers.

Multidimensional Real-Time Data

The RXI intelligence solution allows risk managers to increase performance and profitability through real-time alerts customized by the broker, allowing risk managers to focus on predefined vital issues and take timely actions.

RXI updates broker positions and P&L with real-time customizable information from MT4/5 platforms. This allows RXI users to use the information to assess their risk and exposure.

Multiplatform Aggregation

Forex brokers can gain real-time insight into what is happening across all their platforms centrally. Dealers do not have to manually reconcile and use other data tools or practices as the data is intuitively customized and aggregated according to the risk manager's preferences.

Customizable Filteration        

RXI provides clients with fully customizable filters that enable risk managers to instantaneously see the complex events' roots.

RXI users can dynamically assess their data as RXI's output can be filtered, while real-time pivot tables can be created instantly.

Personalized views & Alerts

RXI allows for different visual charts available for further depth and transparency in a way it has never been done before. This allows individual risk managers to focus on the data they want to see, enabling further simplicity in an ever-complicated role.

Solutions for upper management are also a big part of RXI's offering, including real-time information on countries and destinations that generate more revenue.

Mobile Functionality & Push Notifications

Accessible from anywhere and at any time, RXI has been developed to highly perform on mobile devices, making RXI the ultimate intelligence solution for risk managers that need access to their data on the go. Enabling critical customized alerts to be received remotely, RXI is able to send push notifications to mobile devices.

Adaptable Solution

RXI is a standalone application that has been designed to coexist with any other technology, making this risk intelligence solution one of a kind.

RXI connects to MT4/5 servers through Manager API in seconds without any plug-in installations, making it conflict-free with other plug-ins on the server.

Optimizing Profits

RXI merges all client risks into an individual tool that allows brokers to reduce the number of inefficient hedges or trades.

Brokers can come to better conclusions through the flexible real-time data allowing actions to be taken ahead of time by implementing the risk managers' rules and actions. These actions will increase performance, profitability, and a smooth P&L environment.

RXI provides Forex brokers a global view across their entire trading operation. The benefits of integrating RXI are innovatively phenomenal. There is no reason why Forex brokers should not opt into using FXCubic's byproduct for further control, depth, and ease of mind. FXCubic's risk intelligence tool will change the market's view on intelligent risk solutions. RXI is next-generation technology, and we look forward to furthering byproducts from the FXCubic team.

To find more information or to request a free demonstration of RXI's sophisticated new technology, click here.

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