4XC: An outstanding customer support-oriented broker

Is this your first customer service award or has the industry recognized you for excellence in this area before?

“Actually, this is our third customer service award in the industry. There were also others that recognized us in different fields, but mostly we were recognized for our customer service as this is our main priority given that our customers are the driving force behind our industry”.

4XC has customers from different parts of the world, how do you find an individual approach to them?

Our little secret is that we have very customer oriented dedicated people, who work with different markets and are very empathetic. Our customer support team is highly skilled at communicating with multiple nationalities and can serve customers on an individual level and ensure satisfaction as at its best.

What is special about 4XC's approach to customers?

There is nothing really that special about our approach to customers other than showing them the time and dedication in order to fulfill all of their questions and difficulties in a fast and efficient manner whilst providing them the tools and technology to find solutions to any issues that may arise.

Also, availability is very important aspect, therefore we ensure that we are always available for our clients.

Were there any particularly difficult cases when it was possible to solve them despite the difficulties?

There are no real difficult cases, just unique ones. It is important to put yourself in your client shoes and each and every client needs an individual approach. Frustration is usually present due to a lack of knowledge, so it is extremely important not only to serve, but to educate clients in a calm and respectful matter.

During our interview with the Head of Customer Support, Daina Malta, we were treated with outstanding hospitality and have reassured ourselves that this award was valid not only as a digital experience but real offline experience. 4XC truly paves the way in customer support and satisfaction.

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