Wire500 All-in-one Business Banking Solution

Wire500 is an all-in-one wire transfers solution intended to make money management simple and secure. We are honored by our individual approach to customer service. With Wire500, you are guaranteed an own account manager and a member of our support team is always available should you have any requests or problems. With the claim for fast, secure wire transfers continuing to increase, financial institutions are looking to streamline their wire transfer systems to support future growth and global obligations. Wire500 provides you with different options for increasing the efficiency and safety of your wire processing procedures so you can experience cost savings and enlarged efficiency, find new income sources and gain competitive advantages. Wire500 modernizes every step in the wire transfer procedures, allowing straight through processing and a paperless transaction environment, which means you can handle a higher volume of wires more professionally.

Worldwide bank transfers are another long-standing way of placing a cross-border payment. Most bigger banks will have a limited range of currencies available, but it is not possible to accommodate more than a few at any given moment. Therefore, when a client wants to transfer money to a country that they don’t have the currency in stock for, they will have to trust their foreign banking partners to process the transaction. Smaller banks often do not hold any foreign currencies, so look to big banks to host international payments on their behalf. This is just an example of international payment processing and there can be many more parties involved that cause delays to the transaction. SWIFT , which we will discuss further below, is an effort to speed up the processes behind international payments.

The payments business is undergoing significant change. Innovative technologies and modernizations – instant payment structures, open APIs, intelligent retrieval, blockchain and cloud computer science – and new market contestants are challenging financial institutions to adapt. And at the same time, financial institutions must direct new payment frequencies, conduct multi-currency and multi-product payment procedures in many different countries, and exchange payment and security data tightly. All while offering greater customer service in a highly competitive and progressively measured environment.

Directly straight-through-processing procedures and among banks communication abilities, including SWIFT connectivity help you expand customer service, increase into new areas of business, increase revenues, and reduce fees and risk throughout the entire payment lifecycle. Clients and businesses are redefining how they want to interact with their wire transfer providers and the types of services they want to receive – making an institution's geographic footprint less important and its ability to connect with consumers and businesses on their own terms mission critical.

Wire500 helps businesses find innovative solutions that manage costs, protect and grow revenue, and mitigate risks associated with the payment process – while attracting and growing their customer relationships. Financial institutions need the agility to react rapidly to quickly changing technology, new participants and rising clients expectations. To help you keep pace and continue delivering the satisfying experiences customers demand, Wire500 employs a unique approach to integration and is quickly advancing our open banking strategy. Offering suitable, real-time access to capitals and payments in a developing payments market is crucial to meeting consumer and business needs today and in the future.

Consumer preferences and activities are regularly changing with technology innovations driving expectations for speed and convenience. Business agility: Partnering with Wire500 allows banks to proficiently manage all the required, day-to-day activities and focus on building customer relationships. Customer knowledge: The ability to provide an exceptional experience helps you retain existing customers, attract new ones and increase customers' relationships with your financial institution. Intuitive solutions: Effective tools that increase employee satisfaction and customer engagement Effective compliance procedures ensure that the financial institution complies with applicable laws, regulations and rules.

At WIRE500, we will always push the boundaries of what can be achieved with our payment solutions, offering more value and functionality to businesses that partner with us, as well as helping you to offer more to your own clients too. Incorporate innovation into a company's culture. Encourage your clients to come forward with feedback, ideas and suggestions on how you can do things better. Every great idea starts with taking a risk. Not everything will work, but at the end of the day, people remember the achievements, not failures. With international wire transfer, each account holder must have an established individuality. Chargebacks are doubtful, even though wires can be recalled. Data contained in wires are transmitted securely through encrypted communications methods. The fees of cross-border payments change significantly, depending on the bank and its location; in some countries, the fee related to the service can be costly.

Learn from your faults and you’ll achieve more next time. Create dialogue that feeds enthusiasm and drives innovation. Don’t be quick to dismiss ‘crazy’ ideas. It’s these ones that very often lead to great innovations. This is the 'Wire500 difference' and it flows directly from the DNA of our culture: to put the customer first, to make a difference, to always find away. About finding ways to add value beyond the core transactional capability, about providing a different value suggestion for each and every customer that goes beyond the typical offering. We are devoted to sustaining a safe financial environment for our clients, in every part of the world. When it comes to payments, Wire500 are facing a number of challenges – from pressure to increase revenue by using fee-for-service business models to increasing competition and a demanding customer base. Desirable and increasingly restrictive regulatory situation is forcing Wire500 to find better ways to deliver payments solutions in a way that grows their business.

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Wire500 is an international, fast growing company founded by veterans in the banking system in the UK. We are offering our clients dedicated IBAN accounts for their financial activities, B2B and C2B.
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