MaskEX - a new ground in the Crypto Industry

MaskEX was founded in 2021, and from scratch, it aims to revolutionize the financial ecosystem by decentralizing the trading and storing process for everyone. Below, we will discuss the questions: What is MaskEX, what does it desire, and why choose MaskEX?.

MaskEX is an online cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform. It provides smart, intuitive and innovative online trading: copy trading, option trading, spot trading, contract leverage, Defi mining, cloud mining, savings, wealth management and more. MaskEX is built on values highly concentrated on users' privacy and security. It is protected by multiple layers of security, and no one but the user can access their information. Under the slogan "Your Wallet, Your Way", the company's vision is to play an essential role in a free economic system by providing the masses with financial anonymity and autonomy.  

Cryptocurrency in your PC and pocket

The desktop version is available from any location globally and is adjusted for the average trader.

The primary advantage of the MaskEX application is its user-friendliness and performance.

The intuitive interface and modern design enable the user to quickly navigate and complete the transaction in the shortest possible time. MaskEX app users' trading will never be interrupted due to any technical glitches.

Although it was developed primarily considering the profile of a novice trader, it nevertheless addresses the needs of experienced traders.

MaskEX on the APP store

The app is available both on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS users.

In recent years, cryptocurrency companies have been facing many challenges worldwide. When the industry was new, companies suffered from a complete lack of regulations, but later, establishing rules can easily complicate the work of an exchange. And in this light, MaskEX's team sees reaching the IOS confirmation on the APP store as a significant development toward bigger achievements. Only in 2020, Apple rejected almost 1 million apps first submitted to the App Store. MaskEX իս prepared thoroughly to acquire the rules and terms of Apple. It took 2 months, and after being properly checked, IOS accepted the APP. This proves once again that the statements about MaskEX safety are no joke.

Law Compliance

MaskEX managed to get an MSB financial license in Canada and offers a licensed legal trading platform. Though one of the platform's merits is already its accessibility, the company makes efforts on exceeding its licensed geography. Spoiler. Very soon, good news on this topic is expected.

MaskEX 24 hours is there for everyone

Young enthusiasts are available at any time to respond to people's questions and concerns as soon as possible. As more and more people download Maskex, the customer service team expands day by day to be able to respond appropriately. Along with the "talk to a human" service, MasKEX provides an extensive library of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that the user can find answers to on their own since some people prefer to search for answers on their own. Moreover, MaskEX's YouTube channel is updated daily with new videos that are short guides to helping customers use the platform.

In this context, Muskex also emphasises the multilingualism of the platform. The website's content is available in 17 languages, while customer support is offered in 5 languages: Arabic, English, Russian, Italian and Chinese.

MaskEX values and mission

MaskEX attended two international exhibitions in the last 4 months, one in Amsterdam - TechEx2021 Amsterdam and iFX 2022 Dubai, as being a relatively newly established company, MaskEX's professionals emphasise the necessity to raise brand awareness and company value among its partners and potential customers. Furthermore, MaskEX's family adopted a mission to remain loyal to MaskEX's values - loyalty, stability and security, and is keen to share the mission with industry enthusiasts.

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MaskEX is an online cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform built on values highly concentrated on users' privacy and security. It provides smart, intuitive and innovative online trading.
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