Key features of a White Label Solution

At Exclusive Capital, we have recently launched our ‘’Start Your Own Brokerage’’ program – an initiative that aims to support regulated partners in starting their own brokerage business. The program offers eligible applicants everything they need to set up, launch and run their own brokerage brand.

Prompted by our new ‘’Start Your Own Brokerage’’ program, our Chief Sales Officer, Peter Leonidou, answered some insightful questions about White Label solutions and brokerages.

What qualifies you as a WL?

Exclusive Change Capital’s white label solution helps regulated partners launch their own Forex/CFD operations. Entering the brokerage business can be prohibitively expensive due to high platform and IT infrastructure costs. White Label Partners can be entrepreneurs looking to expand their current business model within the Financial FX and derivative space. They can be business owners or others who have been in the industry and understand how it works. Finally, they can be partners who would like to focus on sales, marketing, and networks and leave the technology support to their providers.

What are the key features of your White Label solution?

The key features of our White Label solution are Regulation, Multi-Asset Liquidity offering, Technology and powerful Trading Platforms.

What do you see as the trends within the sector of White Label Brokerages?

More and more partners are branching out on their own, looking for a bigger piece of the pie. White Labels are becoming more and more popular with investors and entrepreneurs. With easy access to technology companies, support and ever-growing networks, they are looking to serve their clients in local markets better and venture as a team of investors to make their mark within the financial sector.

How do Exclusive Capital's White Label solutions differentiate from others?

Exclusive Capital’s team of experts has all the necessary resources to assist and support our partners to succeed. Exclusive Capital allows for that added edge both from Liquidity, Technology and Support all in one. We always go the extra mile by providing our partners with everything they need to succeed.  

Do we have to have a WL regulation, company, and website?

Exclusive Capital can assist, provide and guide clients for regulation, company incorporation and website with all material and links to our supporting widgets and addons needed for a company to succeed.

Which platform to choose for WL?

Depending on your target market, partners should decide what will work best for them, their target market and networks.  

What are the key components to starting a WL?

A good plan, budget plan, liquidity, technology and key personnel to assist in each department.

What’s the importance of Liquidity for a White Label in the early stages of setting up?

Liquidity is the bloodline of the company. Execution of orders in milliseconds and access connections to LD4, TY3 and NY3 are vital components of a company’s success.

What are Fractional Stocks and their importance to a WL?

Fractional stocks are popular amongst the smaller retail traders and brokers alike. Fractional stocks allow smaller investors to buy actual stocks for a fraction of the price, thus investing and diversifying their portfolios within the equity market. This affects the WL by offering something new to the market that many other Brokers do not. This also allows retail and professional investors access to over 3,000 fractional stock instruments.

How do I manage risk? When do I decide on A Book or B Book?

It depends on your business model and the license provided by your WL provider. WL parameters can set parameters for their book of business.

About Exclusive Capital

Exclusive Capital is a boutique private investment house that offers the perfect environment for individuals (both experienced and novice traders) and organizations to experience a more personal and carefully curated level of financial services. The firm helps its clients navigate the complex process of establishing and preserving wealth by providing a world-class multi-asset service.

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Exclusive Capital

A boutique private investment house helping clients navigate the complex process of establishing and preserving wealth by providing a world-class multi-asset service.
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