Justforex became the Best Broker in Asia! What's next?

The big news for all participants and spectators of the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022 was the victory of Justforex in the Best Broker Asia nomination. The perseverance and meticulous work of the Justforex team earned great love and trust among its clients, as evidenced by the tremendous support of the broker from users during voting. The rivalry for such a cherished title was complicated, but they coped and triumphantly entered the list of Top representatives in this area.

Let's find out more about the company and answer three main questions:

Who are Justforex? Where are they going? And how do they do it?

Who are Justforex?

Their team defined its main goal quite clearly and firmly: "Create a convenient and transparent trading environment so that everyone can realize their trading potential." They see themselves as the most client-oriented broker that provides the most apparent and straightforward conditions for their clients. Judging by the mind-blowing broker Trustpilot rating of 4.9 points, they strictly adhere to the chosen course.

Clients have been made their primary value, so Justforex always responds sensitively to any request from its user. Flexible customization of their products and quality customer service 24/7 pay off in the form of awards and a constantly growing audience of users.

The company started its activity in the financial markets in 2012 and has not slowed down in attracting new clients since then. Having taken a leading position in Asia, the company continues to expand into other markets. Currently, the broker has the most prestigious and reliable licenses possible.

Where are they going?

The broker Justforex is quite uninhibited in its ambitions and does not hesitate to declare its plans openly. What we know for sure is that Justforex has already achieved leading positions in a number of countries in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and has already included India in this list.

The territorial presence of Justforex in the markets of Latin America is becoming quite noticeable. We have serious information that the company is launching services to work in this region and is already obtaining the appropriate license.

According to Justforex representatives, they are focused on expanding into the Middle East and North Africa. Recall that the company already has satisfied customers in South Africa, so expansion will only be a matter of time.

Moreover, experts from Justforex are serious about the ever-growing audience and are preparing for its considerable increase. Due to the massive influx of new clients, the company had to triple the number of trading servers over the past year in order to make the trading process as smooth and convenient as possible for its clients.

Such a fundamental approach to building the company's infrastructure and technical architecture suggests that Justforex will not stop there. Apparently, one title of the Best Broker in Asia is not enough for such an ambitious team.

How do they do it?

As you can see, nothing is impossible for the guys from Justforex. The set goals are achieved, and new ones amaze competitors with their ambition and scope.

At the moment, Justforex has already launched its own Copytrading service, which was highly appreciated by both clients and partners of the broker. The growing client base is primarily provided with the best technical solutions that allow beginners to enter financial markets quickly. This service was developed entirely in-house, which allows its direct customization to the wishes and requirements of customers. Such a strong, established relationship between the broker and the end user is admired and respected by competitors.

The subsequent development, which specialists from Justforex promised to surprise us with, is their mobile application for online trading. This product will allow clients to constantly be in touch with a broker and be aware of all the ups and downs in the markets 24/7.


We believe our review of the Asian market leader did not leave you indifferent! Teams as close-knit and motivated as Justforex have always been highly valued among big FinTech players and clients. The incredible energy and penetrating power with which their ideas are embodied make anyone watch their activities with admiration and awe.

Don't miss new updates, and follow this broker at Justforex.com!

Thank you for your attention!

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Justforex is an international broker operating for over ten years providing convenient and transparent trading conditions in metals, indices, currency pairs, energies, stocks and digital assets
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