HokoCloud Announces 90% Client Retention Rate

HokoCloud Wins “Best Copy Trading Platform”, at the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022. This award has been the result of every single stakeholder in the HokoCloud project and the effort of the staff members to retain clients in this highly competitive environment. HokoCloud states that its client retention rate for 2021 was close to 90%.  The company specified that this is a significant achievement at a time when the customer retention rate for professional services stands at 84% and customer churn rate of 22% for financial services. In fact, 55% of HokoCloud’s active customers have been with the company since last year.

HokoCloud credits its industry-leading client retention rate on the cutting-edge tools it offers brokers and traders, which helps them increase profits.

“Our client retention rate is proof that our efforts to engage and satisfy our clients are on point. We take great pride in ensuring the best possible experience of social trading and cutting-edge trading VPS to ensure the best trading experiences and complete satisfaction,” said Rui Gago, Co-Founder and CEO of HokoCloud.

Stand Out Features of the Social Trading Portal

HokoCloud offers a cloud-based white-label, personalized platform for brokers and traders for copy trading and VPS. The platform is broker agnostic, which means that regardless of the broker they are associated with, traders can use the social trading facility. The social trading platform is easy to use, accessible at any time and from anywhere, and compatible with mobile devices and computers.

In addition, traders have peace of mind with access to completely unbiased and transparent copy trading. Their broker only learns about their traders at the time of execution. With this platform, traders can review the strategies used by their more experienced peers and choose one that best suits their trading style and preferences. They can also check feedback from their social network regarding the strategy before using it for copy trading.

Moreover, traders can benefit from automatic replication of strategies to ensure that their orders reach the market faster than they would through manual implementation. Also, to increase trader protection, the platform allows them to diversify their investment portfolio and set up robust risk management measures for each strategy.

Features of VPS Hosting that Ensure Client Retention

HokoCloud offers robust browser-based VPS access for the most satisfying trading experiences. With cutting-edge VPS, traders can access the best tools available to enhance their chances of success in the market. This can be especially beneficial for algo traders, who rely on automated trade execution.

The company takes great pride in offering revolutionary software, such as web connector, platform auto-starter and anti-crash monitor, for complete peace of mind to focus on making informed trades. With unparalleled hardware support, traders also get fully dedicated resources that ensure the best trading experience every single time.

A Comprehensive Trading Ecosystem

HokoCloud has created a comprehensive, open-ended trading ecosystem through strategic partnerships with financial institutions. Through state-of-the-art integration of these institutions via social media, the company offers a secure, independent and user-friendly copy trading platform to empower traders.

‍With this platform, beginners can learn about the various aspects of the financial markets and trading on-the-job, by following successful and experienced traders. They do not need to wade through the massive amounts of information, such as economic indicators, company news and more, to make informed trading decisions. Instead, they can access trading tips and strategies from their peers worldwide to make informed decisions.

Often, inexperienced traders give in to emotions while making trading decisions. This can lead to faulty decision making, resulting in losses. However, by following experienced traders, they can learn how to keep emotions out of trading decisions and make the most of market opportunities. By learning from their peers, these traders soon become proficient in understanding their risk appetite and trading goals, while learning to build their own strategies.

In fact, through HokoCloud’s social trading platform, traders can identify successful professional traders from different institutions and follow their strategies, regardless of the brokerage they are trading through. Such features not only engage HokoCloud’s customers but make them more confident about trading.

While experienced traders get the opportunity to share their knowledge and mentor new traders, brokers get to offer their services to a wider trader base, across the world. Brokers also save on costs they would otherwise incur to hire a team of experts to provide market analysis and news for their clients.

In addition, brokers can offer global services through multi-lingual support from HokoCloud, including languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Russian and Romanian.


With hundreds of thousands of new traders joining the markets during the pandemic era, a whole new generation of traders is now participating in the financial markets. A majority of these traders are millennials and Gen Zers with a penchant for social media and high expectations of technology solutions from brokers. Social trading has gained prominence largely due to the younger generation of traders, who rely on social media for information and connections to the world.

By offering traders exactly what they are looking for, HokoCloud has caught the pulse of today’s traders which was acknowledged by winning “Best Copy Trading Platform”, at the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022.

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HokoCloud provides access to a unique ultra-low latency & fully dedicated resources VPS Network, it doesn't require plugins or manager Api to provide its brokers & traders with a white label solution.
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