In a time of global disruption, from the standpoint of the pandemic and an enhanced focus on digitalization, now is the right time to enjoy enhanced financial gains following the exchanging of traditional assets and strategies for new alternative investments in Crypto.

Rafael Vargas, CEO of Empirex Capital

The portmanteau of 'financial technology', or Fintech as it is commonly known, has been around for some time, but with recent disruptions and volatility felt across the globe, a new market direction has been taken on the traditional asset and strategy front. CTO, COOs, Directors, CEOs and MDs are now opting for cryptocurrency investments including crypto hedge funds.

A New Market Direction

At Empirex Capital, we see this new trend and an increased interest of investors to switch to Crypto portfolios and Crypto Asset Management. Detailed studies in current market trends and the creation of customized strategies to effectively exchange traditional portfolios to new-age ones, considering the latter, will foresee profitability and greater financial gains regardless of this new market direction.

An ING bank global survey in 2018 showed that almost 25% of people expected to own cryptocurrency in the future. A 2019 finder.com survey reported the number of Americans invested in cryptocurrencies nearly doubled to 14.4% from 8% just one year prior.

As a new asset class, these cryptocurrencies and their profit potential have continued to pique the interests of all types of investors, and with this new heightened interest, identifying promising opportunities and managing these types of portfolios has become somewhat more challenging with this next-gen space now expanding to more than 2000 different financial currencies, with foresight showing further expansion. However, the minor challenges are outweighed by the financial gains seen in new-age investments.

Financial Gains, Long-Term Returns, Reduced Risks and Further Benefits

Now, investors, FX brokers, technology providers, service consultants and FX industry vendors seek blockchain, crypto investments and asset management for their downside protection, convenience exposure, improved data security, increased data transmission and capacities, unlimited potential and investment possibilities, massive returns, fewer restrictive rules and riskier strategies.

The revolutionary method of new-age investment transactions has continued to blaze the digital and financial world with their transparency and unmatched security. Unlike traditional assets and investment strategies, these investments operate on networks free from third-party overseers. With this, the high cost of transaction fees is lessened, which means higher financial gains.

Many seasoned investors have also recognized the financial benefit of investing in alternatives with their ever-rising exchange rate and valuation, making them a viable alternative to traditional commodities. While the risk of some crypto investments may be slightly higher than their traditional counterparts, choosing this new market direction and investment approach is still valid due to the still-experimental nature of these investments and a minor risk which is comfortably offset by high return capabilities.

Investors who exchange traditional assets and strategies for alternative investments open the door to easy-to-operate applications and software with transactions easily carried out in real time. Unlike traditional money, these transactions are not burdened by hefty inflation rates or high transaction fees, and with this, the volatile price of cryptocurrencies and new-age investments is compensated by its resistance to inflation.

As the investment pool is widened across international markets and cryptocurrencies become strong players in the financial field and investment spaces, investors are racing to invest in these new alternatives which boast wide acceptability, and with this - higher financial gains.

Invest in Crypto; Invest in An Active Asset Management Team

Any worthy investor should take advantage of exchanging traditional assets and strategies for crypto investments and are encouraged to jump headfirst into this new lucrative world. Fintech insights only predict an ever-expanding digital landscape with financial investments continuing to move out of the old-traditional and into the new - and at a rapid speed.

Crypto investors will significantly benefit from the assistance of Empirex Capital’s experienced, active management team who boasts strong crypto product knowledge and rigorous risk management capabilities. Empirex Capital is a private investment fund from the United States founded in 2012. Our company offers investment plans and raises capital from accredited and institutional clients to invest in the cryptocurrency markets. Our offices are located in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, and soon Dubai. Initially established as a traditional hedge fund, our company incorporated cryptocurrencies as part of our portfolio in 2015, making Empirex Capital successful pioneers in digital asset management in the United States. For more information, visit www.empirexcapital.com or email info@empirexcapital.com




Author: Rafael Vargas, Empirex Capital's CEO

Rafael Vargas is the CEO and Founder of Empirex Capital, with over  10 years of experience in the financial industry, provides investment services in his private Crypto Hedge Fund.

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Empirex Capital

Empirex Capital is a private investment fund from the United States founded in 2012. We offer investment plans and raise capital from accredited and institutional clients to invest in crypto assets.
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